The Netflix Direct Timed Text (DTT) program uses timed text localization partners globally to ensure that the millions of Netflix members' viewing experiences are nothing short of exceptional. DTT's content localization partners directly employ translators and oversee Netflix projects.

DTT partners manage linguist recruitment, vetting, training, quality, compensation, and overall linguist management. The program utilizes Netflix's proprietary subtitling tool, Originator, which features SASS (Self-Assignment Scheduling System), that allows vendor translators to self-assign projects. The DTT partners oversee projects assigned to their linguists to ensure it meets Netflix's quality and timely delivery expectations.

As we continue to scale our localization business, the Netflix Globalization team is looking for new vendors to help us with our efforts. Limited onboarding opportunities will be available based on rigorous testing and vetting.

Partner Benefits include:

DTT Help/Support Center

Onboarded DTT users can send us a ticket and we'll help you to a resolution.

Professional Translators

I'm a professional translator and interested in working on Netflix content.

Translation Companies

I'm a translation company and interested in participating in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the NP3, NPFP & DTT programs?